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The Story Retreat is a 5-day writing retreat filled with learning, sharing, camaraderie, and discovery. One key goal of the retreat is to develop a deeper understanding of how the universal story structure can apply to (and manifest itself in) your writing. Other goals include understanding the core concepts that underpin all unforgettable writing. Read more here.


There are three main things that make The Story Retreat distinct:

  • We alternate between intermediate/advanced workshops on the one hand, and novice/beginner workshops on the other. Half of our workshops each year are geared towards each group. That means that people new to writing, including those with very little writing experience, will have an opportunity to participate in an unintimidating and encouraging atmosphere designed to get you started while more advanced groups will also be able to find deeply meaningful ways to fine tune their already-existing skills.

  • We put a strong emphasis on playing and games. We are strong believers that writing is both hard work and great fun. And with that in mind we establish a space where laughter and experimentation can point the way toward writing breakthroughs.

  • Lastly, we embrace the locations where our retreats are held. We've selected certain places because of their tranquility, vibrancy, and because of how much they inspire us. In addition to simply hosting us, we attempt, as much as possible, to learn something from our venue and its unique cultural traditions.

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