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"From now on, I'll refer to those who write to my website asking me to read their manuscripts to Michael Burns." - Amitav Ghosh

"When you want to be a writer and have some ideas but don't how to take your writing forward, Michael is the guy you need to meet. He is the right balance of enthusiastic and realistic. He makes you think hard about your story from different perspectives, and in the process makes you a better storyteller." - Retreat Participant

"The thing is that when you don't have confidence in yourself or on your work then there's no way you can succeed being a writer. I love to write but I could never finish any story. But after meeting Michael, I was finally able to finish my stories. Actually not just one, I was able to keep on writing and writing. And the important thing was that I had confidence in my work. If you are a newbie or a professional writer, you need this." - Retreat Participant

"I learned a lot from Michael's TED talk coaching sessions, and I'm convinced some of the polish many viewers saw in my speech was due to the sessions and one on one time we spent together. I consider myself an accomplished speaker having lectured all over the world, but our sessions helped me move to an even higher level and for that I will always be grateful." - Retreat Participant

"When I attended his writer’s retreat in rural Maharashtra, my years of being a professional writer had made me hate the process of writing mostly because I had run out of engaging, gripping and entertaining stories, or so I thought. After two days under Michael’s gentle guidance, astute aid, and practical pointers, I came away with six story ideas that I didn’t even know existed within me, waiting to be told. His skills and abilities as an editor and content curator, are way too many to list here, but he has changed my life in ways that he'll never fully know." - Retreat Participant

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