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Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes. In our retreats, when possible, we add yoga, cooking classes, hikes, and of course plenty of free time to our daily options. We also infuse our work with the values of clean living, ethical tourism, and nutritional awareness.


But in a wider sense a writing retreat in and of itself IS a wellness retreat.

We think about wellness as cultivating and enhancing our mind-body connection. But nurturing your dreams is also a part of that. And that's exactly what a writing retreat is: taking a concrete step forward towards being the writer you dream of being. Being kind to ourselves means far more than just mindfulness and taking care of our bodies. It also means giving our spirit the outlet, direction, and assistance it's been craving.

When you take a step towards your dreams, you move towards wholeness. You move towards healing. And you move towards your inner-most self. This is your opportunity to work on yourself and your writing. We're ready to take that journey with you.

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